Dear AUA members, affiliates and guests,

Please join us at the 67th Annual AUA Conference – Eyes High, Big Sky – to be hosted by the University of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) from June 18 -22, 2023.

The University of Calgary is a young Canadian university, obtaining its independence in 1966 from the University of Alberta. Its first two buildings opened in 1961.

The University of Calgary is a publicly funded, research-intensive university with 14 faculties offering more than 250 academic programs and more than 50 research institutes and centres. The main campus covers more than 250 hectares (617.7 acres) an area larger than Calgary’s downtown.

The UC hosts over 36,000 students (29,000 undergraduate and 7000 graduate) supported by 1900 academic staff and 4350 non-academic staff.

We will introduce you to this enterprising city with first day sessions in the new Calgary Central Library (designed by Snohetta and Dialog). The following days will be on our main campus with tours to new and old sites. We have some exceptional, and less than exceptional, facilities that all offer valuable lessons.

Eyes High was our strategic vision when this conference was first conceived and stems from the Gaelic “I will lift up my eyes” embedded on the University of Calgary crest. Big sky refers to the dramatic sky on the kilometre high plain of our main campus that overlooks the foothills and the Canadian Rockies.

We look forward to seeing you here in June!

Jane Ferrabee and Stacy Christensen, Hosts