Through another lens: Implementing projects in changing times

Thursday, August 6, 12:30 pm–2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
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This session will discuss the best practices, policies, project communication and implementation techniques for changing perspectives and overcoming misconceptions in creating vibrant city spaces. It will examine what is being done nationally along with examples from outside the U.S, to provide tools and lessons learned for setting a vision, developing policies, and implementing projects in these changing times.

Presentations will include:

Global Parking Reform Lessons Find Their Place in the US presented by Michael Kodransky, U.S. Director, ITDP

Getting People to Care about Better Streets: The Connect Challenge presented by Joe Nickol, Principal, YARD & Company

Planning for Change and the Speed Bumps Along the Way—A Four- to Three-Lane Story presented by Jennifer McCoy, Senior Traffic Engineer, Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Presented by

Maryann Aguirre Maryann Aguirre, People for Mobility Justice

Maryann joined PMJ in 2014 as a Program Specialist and through her involvement she has developed and led innovative community-based campaigns, bike rides and programs that centers women, people-of-color and low-income communities in public planning processes focused on bicycle education, street safety and land use. She has engaged in several local and national projects and conferences and has been invited several times to present at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC to discuss the impact of bicycle facilities on housing affordability and women-of-color’s roles in leading inclusive and accessible bicycle advocacy. She has also sat on the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council and was the Mayoral Appointee for the Bicycle Advisory Committee for the City of LA. Maryann was hired as the Communications and Project Analyst in 2018 and supported the growth of PMJ programs and policy work and shared this through various communication platforms and coalition spaces. In 2019, Maryann was appointed as the Project Director of PMJ and is responsible for overseeing PMJ finances, contracts and projects with the support of PMJ Co-Board Chairs.

Veronica O. Davis, PE Veronica O. Davis, PE, Nspiregreen LLC

Veronica O. Davis, PE is a self-described transportation nerd. She believes all people should have access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. She has over 17 years of experience in civil engineering and planning. She is currently the Partner and Principal Planning Manager at Nspiregreen LLC. She is one of the co-founders of Black Women Bike (BWB). She is on Board for America Walks. She earned her dual Masters Degrees (Engineering Management and Regional Planning) from Cornell University. She has a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Maryland.

Michael Kodransky Michael Kodransky, ITDP

Michael Kodransky is the U.S. Director at the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP), leading all ITDP programmatic activities in the United States. In the next decade, he wants to break down the virtuous cycle of car use ingrained in US society. Kodransky has worked to improve economic and social conditions for people in cities around the world, partnering with multiple levels of government in dozens of cities and countries, local and international NGOs, research centers, foundations, and development banks to accelerate the implementation of sustainable transport.

Jennifer McCoy Jennifer McCoy, Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Jennifer brings her passion of helping improve the lives of those around her to her career at Bolton & Menk where she is a senior traffic engineer. Jennifer has 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Throughout her career she has engaged with a variety of stakeholders. She has built expertise in traffic studies and project implementation, including operations studies, safety analysis, road diets, and traffic calming.

Joe Nickol Joe Nickol, YARD & Company

Joe has 15 years of experience in urban design, architecture, and development. He has directed projects for public and private clients in over 25 states and 7 countries, ranging from targeted popup initiatives to billion-dollar developments of city districts and neighborhoods.