Speaker Details

Ms. Kimberly Rancourt

Deputy Director

NYC DOT Bicycle and Greenway Program


Kimberly Rancourt has been working to expand and improve the New York City bike network for more than 10 years. As Deputy Director of the City’s Bicycle and Greenway Program, she has helped to grow the City’s Bicycle and Greenway Program, which is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing on-street bicycle projects. Using primarily roadway markings and signs that can be designed and installed quickly, NYC DOT has been able to rapidly change the layout of major avenues and neighborhood streets, resulting in a dramatic growth in cycling over the past decade. Last year, NYC added nearly 80 miles of new bike facilities, including a record breaking 25 miles of protected bike lanes. In her current role, Kimberly guides the development of new projects, works to identify innovative design solutions, leads the outreach process, and works with the agency's various operational divisions to coordinate implementation.


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