Speaker Details

Ms. Whitney Mason

Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

TN Department of Transportation


Whitney Mason has been with the Tennessee Dept. of Transportation (TDOT) Multimodal Planning section as the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator since December of 2016. Prior she served as the State Trails Coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Her 30 year work and volunteer history in sustainability has given her targeted experience in agriculture, natural resource management, energy, and transportation. Her work with internal and external stakeholders is collaborative and motivated by a desire to affect positive improvements for the greater good. She is especially delighted that at this point in her career her TDOT work incorporates safety, health, environmental quality, economic development, and mobility concerns. Whitney commutes by bike to work in downtown Nashville most days and generally loves to walk. She also drives her sub-compact car ever-cognizant that deaths are cut in half when motorized speeds are reduced.


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