Speaker Details

Ms. Josie Williams

Project Coordinator

Greensboro Housing Coalition


Josie Williams serves as the Greensboro Housing Coalition’s Project Coordinator for the Community-Centered Healthy Homes initiative in the Cottage Grove neighborhood of Greensboro, NC. Josie engages neighborhood leaders and community agencies to implement policy, environmental and systems change to promote health and prevent diabetes and asthma. She previously worked for the United Planning Organization as an Advocacy Specialist, assisting low income residents living in one of the most disenfranchised communities in Washington, DC. Josie is a 2016 graduate of Guilford College, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Community and Justice Studies. In addition to her education, Josie brings a wealth of life experience to her professional service. Using her past encounters with financial insecurity and homelessness as a guide, Josie respects and understands the deep challenges that low income communities face as they seek to improve their quality of life. Her unique perspective allows her to function as a bridge, connector and interpreter for the many individuals and organizations seeking both equitable process and equitable outcomes for Cottage Grove’s grassroots community work. A college graduate at age 42, Josie exemplifies the determination and skills necessary to navigate complex systems and create positive change.


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