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Mrs. Donna Collins Lewis

Director of Housing for Community Development, Inc.

East Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council


Donna Collins-Lewis currently serves as a member of the EBRP Metro City council and is the Director of Housing for Community Development, Inc. an affordable housing developer. In both her roles her primary goal is to assist in creating communities that are safe, that provide housing for low income families and are walkable. Donna’s passion building community led her to become more intimately involved in the work of the Sustainable Transportation Action Committee (STAC) from the council level where she supported and pushed for the adoption of the ordinance that established STAC. She currently severs as the Co-Chair. As a member of the council, Donna brings twenty-years of experience in public service to the Metro Council. She has worked as Housing Administrator for Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation, managed a Lease/Purchase Homeownership Program for New Hope Community Development Corporation and served as a Resident Initiative Coordinator for the Baton Rouge Housing Authority. As the Housing Program Manager for the Louisiana Family Recovery Corps, Donna has traveled the state of Louisiana connecting families and communities with the resources necessary to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.


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