Speaker Details

Ms. Mary Embry

Integrated Mobility Planner

Mobycon - North America


Mary devises solutions that positively influence everyday travel choices. She is skilled at developing relationships with clients, listening closely, and designing creative solutions that work in context. As a sustainable mobility consultant, Mary is experienced in managing large-scale planning studies, teaching best practices in active transportation, and designing communications campaigns. Mary studied environmental infrastructure and urban planning at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and the University of Copenhagen. Following her studies in Copenhagen, Mary became the Director of Planning at Copenhagenize Design Co. Working in this role, she helped develop the curriculum for the Kickstand Sessions, a bicycle policy and planning master class. Mary was also part of the training team, teaching Kickstand in cities across Canada. Mary led a comparative study revealing the reasons for falling cycling levels in Norway. Those reasons and her recommendations for increasing bicycle modal share were presented to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, resulting in a new bicycle strategy for Oslo. She also led a research project for the European Union testing the use of cargo bikes in urban goods transport. Mary has delivered a TEDx talk and participated in workshops and international conferences in Europe and the Americas, as a speaker and organizer. She is capable of delivering a complete project because of her skills in design, planning, communication, and project management. Mary became fascinated by the link between design and behavior using the bicycle for her daily transportation needs in Copenhagen. Now, Mary is helping to translate Danish and Dutch planning principles to benefit North American cities and make streets friendly to all users, using her unique international perspective.


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