Speaker Details

Miss Rinske Brand

Founder & partner

BRAND The Urban Agency


Rinske Brand is a marketing strategist and founder of BRAND The Urban Agency. Her practice is driven by the aim of helping businesses, brands, organisations and local governments to create impact in the city and its communities. As such, she visits other cities on a regular basis in order to get inspired and to learn from local practice. As a marketing agency, the BRAND team delivers compelling campaigns, events and actions that have a lasting effect on urban communities. Its work spans a number of disciplines including (re)branding and positioning, activation campaigns, place branding, placemaking, events and conferences, with projects varying greatly in size and nature. BRAND works for municipalities, ministries, architects, real estate developers, cultural institutions and commercial brands. But whoever BRAND works for, profit or non-profit, they are all driven by the same passion: the love for the city.  Rinske is also a brand urbanism advocate and works on building sustainable partnerships between brands and cities.


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