Speaker Details

Mr. Aditya Inamdar

Urban Designer and Planner

Kittelson & Associates


Aditya Inamdar builds on his broad interdisciplinary experience in urban design, architecture, and city planning. Aditya specializes in providing urban design solutions that leverage transportation projects as economic development and place-making tools as well as help communities become more sustainable and livable. His experience includes designing and planning complete streets, crafting neighborhood plans and multimodal corridor plans, designing station area plans for transit oriented development, as well as designing and planning bicycle & pedestrian networks. In recent past, Aditya has designed multiple street corridors to incorporate bicycle facilities such as buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks, and protected intersections. Currently he is working on multiple neighborhood and corridor plans, as well as Transit Oriented Development station area plans that focus on urban design and place-making aspects within public Right-of Way along with exploring economic development potential through real estate redevelopment of private properties. Through engaging graphics, Aditya can make complex planning and engineering ideas legible to the public for meaningful community participation.


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