Speaker Details

Mr. Rick Holt

Senior Trainer/Consultant

George Mason University


Rick works at George Mason University in Organization Development, Learning and Coaching, HR and Payroll. He received his masters from Mason in Sport and Recreation and is currently pursuing a masters in Educational Psychology. Rick’s master’s thesis,Parental Influence on the Physical Activity Behavior of School‐Age Children in a Socio‐Economically Diverse Community (http://mars.gmu.edu/handle/1920/9611), focused on parent’s perceptions of safety and the built environment and how that effects children’s physical activity behavior. He advocates for active transportation to school and work, and participates on the boards of several advocacy groups that promote bicycling, walking and outdoor recreation. Rick’s research interests include bicycle education, and how planning and design of the built environment influences parents perceptions of safety and promotion of child physical activity. He believes that getting children involved in active play, walking and bicycling at an early age can create lifelong healthy habits.


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