Session Details

Placemaking Crash Course - Beyond Adirondack chairs and umbrellas

Focus Area: Places that are for people
Format: Special Meeting
Full Description: 43 years from the founding of Project for Public Spaces, placemaking has become a global phenomenon. Practitioners and policy makers in all parts of the US and abroad are developing their own process for embedding placemaking into their practice, often without a clear understanding of the social and communal aspects of planning integral to the approach. This session is intended to give a background on planning the PPS way and how it so much more than adirondack chairs and umbrellas that adorn many public spaces. The session will begin with an introduction to PPS’s signature Placemaking process followed by an example project that demonstrates each step of the process in action along with the outcomes. The participants will get an opportunity to practice the technique on a ‘crash course’ basis in small teams, followed by a brief report back to the entire group.



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