Session Details

Diversifying the Approach

Focus Area: Places that are for people
Format: Breakout Panel
Full Description: Truly inclusive communities and places recognize the need to be intentional with outreach efforts. Inviting traditionally marginalized groups into a dominant space requires thoughtful commitment to diversifying leadership, approach and programming. What is the difference between creating a diverse programmed event that attracts a homogeneous audience and creating programming in an inclusive atmosphere that attracts a diverse audience? In this session, discover best practices and frameworks to put equity, diversity and inclusion at the forefront of your work---informing all aspects of your placemaking goals, process, activities and outcomes. Among the topics to be explored: How do you define diversity, and how is the term interpreted across different communities? How can your placemaking initiatives reflect the diversity of your population? How can you apply community engagement frameworks to communities of different sizes? How do you ensure that your audiences are engaged throughout the process so they feel welcomed and want to participate? Four presenters from a range of perspectives will reflect on the challenges, successes and lessons learned in implementing community engagement efforts to serve the different populations that comprise a community. Join us for this timely session on building trust among different target groups to create truly inclusive programming and places.



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